Inside Syria: Internally Displaced Persons 2011-up to date

Within Syria: 7,600,000 million internally displaced

Syrian Citizens: From all Syrian Cities and Refugee Camps (since there are Syrian citizens live in these camps)

Palestinian Refugees: as defined by UNRWA. People with Syrian Travel Documents.

Yarmouk Refugee Camp – Damascus (major location)

Handarat and Nairab – Aleppo (North Syria)

In Syria, no informal refugee camps (tens and prefabricated houses) were established to cope the huge numbers of displaced groups.

Displaced groups (with financial means): living in cities and areas under the Syrian Government control. Many of them are struggling as a result for financial burdens and high living costs. Many of the displaced people opened their own SMEs and contributing to the local economies.

Displaced groups (with less to none financial means): live in formal camps (governmental owned spaces (buildings and hotels), schools, sport complexes,  universities housing, etc.. these locations are all managed by the Syrian Minister of Social Affairs. The Syrian government bears most of the economic and financial burdens with minimal support from the UN. Many Syrian NGOs and local groups provide food and clothing for these displaced groups. The Iranian and Russian governments send humanitarian aids (food, clothing and medication).

All kids in school and university age continue to attend formal education provided by the Syrian government ministry of education free of charge or by local groups of teachers where local schools are overcrowded.    

These groups have access to Syrian communication network and infrastructure in terms of internet access and mobile phones. Nevertheless, it is very important to acknowledge that as a result for systematic destruction of communication towers and equipment by non governmental armed groups and the inability to import replacement for these equipment as a result to economic sanctions, the Syrian internet and mobile phones network is overloaded and continuously falling to serve.    


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