Week 5 Project Status Report

Project Title:     A Persuasive Case for Development of Internet Connectivity for Refugee and Displaced Person Groups in Non-Formal Refugee Camp Environment       

Report Completed By:   Hassan (Moses) Moussa                    Report Period: June 08th – 12th 2015

Project Status Summary:  _X_ Green   ___ Yellow   ___ Red

Activities summary for the past week:

  • Group 5 started compiling Week 4 research work into one document that discusses the types of Syrian refugees and IDPs in Syria and neighbouring countries, what are their needs, the difficulties they face, the local and international organizations working with Syrian refugees and the type of services each one of these organizations are providing.
  • Group 5 started working on preparing a document that indicates the demographics of Syrian refugees and internally displaced groups.
  • Group 5 published the project blog as part of the Group communication strategies with the client (NetHope), external advisor (Prof. Carr) and the rest of the stakeholders as indicated in the project plan. The blog will be updated weekly to communicate the progress of the project.  https://connectrefugees.wordpress.com/

Tasks completed over the past week:

  • Quality control of the analytical assessment of Syrian displaced groups and their needs.
  • Group 5 blog is updated and running…

Communication with the project client over the past week:

  • A meeting was held on Wednesday June 10th 2015 with the sponsor to keep him up to date with the progress Group 5 had achieved during his absence

Tasks for the coming week:

  • Group 5 will start researching for information to link internet connectivity with each or the refugees’ needs as identified in the analytical assessment.

Issues for the professor:

  • As promised during last week in class meeting, the blog is running and up to date.

Project Gantt chart:

  • Group 5 is currently working ahead of the planned schedule.

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