Sikhs Set Up Free Bakery Near War Zone to Feed Fleeing Syrians

Sikhs aid refugees CC Langar Aid

The UK group, Langar Aid, an organization that provides food and water to people in need, has set up a bakery that currently feeds 14,000 people a day.

The group takes its name from the langar in the Sikh religion, a large common kitchen where food is served free to all visitors, regardless of religion or background. Langars are typically found at Sikh place of worship, but wherever Sikhs are, they have established the free kitchens open to all.

World’s Largest Free Kitchen Feeds 100,000 a Day Inside a Golden Temple

Volunteers have been feeding distressed people for over a year now, reports the Times of India.

The volunteers had to strip down the traditional langar model and focus solely as a bakery due to the small quantities of food that can make it through to the Kurdish region.

However, in recent months, more support has been pouring in from around Europe, which could allow them to broaden their scope.

After Wedding, Instead of Fancy Meal Couple Serves 4000 Syrian Refugees

Most of the volunteers with Langar Aid, an extension of UK charity Khalsa Aid, are from Europe, with ancestors from the northern India’s Punjabi region.


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