Two Years of Bloody War in our Village, Now we finally got back home..


Ghousoon 74, a mother of twelve, with her youngest daughter Fadia, 17 years old.

Both are back to their home in Al-Hosn village, near Homs despite the destruction they were able to rebuild some kind of life for themselves!
After fleeing the fighting in Al Hosn village for two years, Ghousoon returned only to find her store destroyed and her house damaged without windows, no roof and not even any furniture. Yet she was thrilled to be back home and eager to rebuild it again.

While Ghousoon’s family are back in their home, still there are still over 7.6 million Syrian family not able to go back to their homes. In Homs Governorate alone 493,000 Syrian are displaced within with no hope to get back in the near future and in dire need for humanitarian assistance.

Photo: ©UNHCR \ V. Tou’meh


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