Syrian kids and teenagers away from schools

Ahmed 15, was in seventh grade when he left school early in 2012. Since then, Ahmed dedicated his time to looking after his elderly parents, as his older siblings are not around to help.

“The war forced us to flee our home in Bab al-Nairab neighborhood in eastern Aleppo three years ago, and it took my two brothers away from me, one of them lives in Hama governorate and the other is in Rural Damascus, I haven’t seen them since over a year now”.

They were forced to move to another neighborhood in Aleppo. Ahmed spends most of his time hanging around with his cousin but he stays close to his family’s unfinished apartment in case his parents needed him.

“We are nine people living in just two rooms, my sisters go to school every day, and I stay at home securing the needs of my elderly parents”. Ahmed does not have plans for the future, as he cannot leave his parents in need of his help, “I’ll wait until the war ends, and my brothers return then I maybe start searching for a job”.


Photo: © UNHCR \ B.Diab


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