Before and After, Displaced Syrian man shares how the crisis affected his life in Aleppo

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Radwan 46, used to wake up early every morning to have his coffee and go to work, “I used to work in a money exchange company as a cleaner, the company was forced to shut down its operations two months ago. Now I wake up in the morning and go job hunting”.

Radwan had been displaced along with his family of five, some two years ago from Bab al-Nairab neighborhood in eastern Aleppo. They are now living at Al-Reyadah unfinished buildings shelter.


“A lot has changed lately, I often feel frustrated and bored without a job, and my relations with the family are not as they used to be. We depend now on the income of my 13-year-old son, who is the only bread winner for the family, in addition to the humanitarian assistance we receive.” Trying to fight back frustration, Radwan tries to engage more in the social life of the shelter.

Radwan added “there are many families with the same conditions here in the shelter, the men meet every morning to chat and discuss various things, the main topic always is about the comparison between the current situation and that of the past. We often make fun of not having a coffee every morning or having a tea instead, we can’t afford coffee these days”. Radwan misses the old days and hopes for a better future for his children. “I dream of the day when we go back home, I hope this day will come soon”.


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