Wounded Syrian refugee inspires others through outreach work

“I had people who stood by me, young Syrian men with disabilities who held my hand when I lost my legs, so I want to do the same, I want to give back.

I discovered my talents after becoming disabled. I would have never known what I was capable of if it weren’t for this accident. With this, I challenged myself to the limits.”

Two years ago, while walking to his parents’ house in Zabadani, Syria, Ahmad was struck by a mortar blast and lost both legs. He found safety as a refugee in Lebanon, relying on help from others to see him through a trying period in his life.

Now with his wife and fellow volunteer Nazmiya – as well as his moped, which he customized to ride with prosthetic legs – Ahmad travels around Tripoli providing those in need with the same support that he found so valuable when he first arrived in Lebanon.

Ahmad still faces many difficulties in his life as a refugee. As the family’s main breadwinner he has to struggle to provide enough money to house and feed the couple and their 11-month old son, and he regularly suffers acute pain from his injuries despite the medication he is prescribed. but he credits his work as a refugee volunteer with giving him a new perspective on life.



Learn more about Ahmad and Nazmiya: http://www.unhcr.org/566003b86.html

Photo: UNHCR/A.McConnell


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