Displaced Syrian Birds

Sara is from Aleppo (Northern Syria) now lives in this Latakia scouts camp turned shelter with her husband, her mother and her birds.

#DisplacedinSyria, she describes leaving her home as a traumatic experience as they left suddenly and had nothing with them. Now they live here and have started a bird raising hobby that also brings in some income as they sell the birds they breed. it is a simple life they lead here at the shelter, she would love to go back home.

UNHCR supports this shelter and many others in Latakia as well as other parts of the country, with Core Relief Items, psycho social support and remedial classes. UNHCR also supports 25 community centers that offer small business grants, youth and community initiatives to provide people with livelihood. In addition to 24 health clinics and hospitals supported.

There are 584,000 displaced Syrians in Latakia, and 6.5 million displaced in Syria.



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