Kafarya and Foua

This is Dr Ali Almoustafa. He is the only general surgeon in Kafarya and Foua, working alongside an orthopaedic surgeon 24/7 under genuine siege conditions, caring for 20,000 starving and sometimes hideously wounded, terrified Syrian citizens.

Since 2011 Kafarya and Foua have been under partial siege and consistent barrage from the surrounding terrorist factions comprising Ahrar al Sham [the Madaya occupiers] and Al Nusra [Al Qaeda]. In March 2015 this siege tightened and became a circle of hell for the civilians. Constant mortar barrage, daily threats of invasion by terrorists who would have left nobody alive, starvation on a dreadful scale. No food was allowed to enter unlike Madaya. The only food to enter was dropped by the Syrian Arab Air Force when they were able to get close enough without being downed by the US supplied TOW missiles, that the terrorists used to ensure the misery of these largely ignored civilians was relentless.
Dr Ali Almoustafa is a hero, there is no other word for him. Today we would like to ask you to leave a comment of solidarity with this courageous and selfless worker for peace in Syria. Please show your support for a man who tirelessly heals not only Syrians but Syria itself, as it is people like him who represent the true heart and unity of Syria.

These messages will be collated and forwarded to Dr Ali Almoustafa by his family and they will be priceless as a gesture of compassion and support.

Thank you

Here is a short clip of Dr Ali Almoustafa followed by Eva Bartlett excellent articles on Kafarya and Foua. She has been one of the very few to report upon their dreadful situation.
From 26:57 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwTCg1MPeyw&feature=youtu.be&t=1617




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