I feel more confident and powerful every time I learn something new

“I feel more confident and powerful every time I learn something new. Me and my sister both dream of becoming doctors, we are striving for a better life which we deserve.”

Bayan, 14, laughed shyly in front of the camera when we met her in Aleppo Syria, but she was full of confidence and hope.

Syria’s war forced Bayan’s family from their home in eastern Aleppo four years ago. They moved many times seeking safety, and now shelter in unfinished buildings elsewhere in the city. Along with her sister Sidra, Bayan attends remedial classes at one of our community centers, to try and catch up on her schooling.

Beyond education,we help the girls overcome their hardships, with psychosocial support, and empowerment and awareness sessions on topics around adolescence and family relations. “Displaced young girls are particularly exposed to various protection concerns such as early marriage, sexual and domestic violence,” said Ahmed Mohsen, our Senior Protection Officer. “Special attention is given to mainstreaming Sexual and Gender-Based Violence programmes inside Community Centers, which provide an ideal access point to survivors as well as women and girls most at risk.”

Learn more: http://trib.al/xlgcukA

Photo: UNHCR/Q.AzrouniFB_IMG_1453232345555.jpg


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