How you really solve the refugee crisis.

By Janice kortkamp

How you really solve the refugee crisis…you make it safe for people to return to the their homes by ending support for terrorists (while calling them “rebels”) and help them restart the economy.

About 2/3rds of the people displaced by the Syrian war (that the US orchestrated to illegally overthrow the government of Syria and replace it with a Wahhabi/extremist one) are in Syria and cared for by the Syrian government (only about 1/5th of the refugees heading to Europe are Syrians).

Thanks to the Syrian armed forces, Hezbollah fighters, Russia, and Iran, many areas are cleared of terrorists and the refugees are returning to rebuild and restart their lives.

Unfortunately in many of these areas, some terrorist cells still remain and civilians are under threat of suicide bombers and mortar attacks.

It is time to end the murderous farce of “moderate rebels” – they have all terrorized the population of Syria and brought death and destruction in the name of US branded “freedom and democracy.”


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