The Dream of A Syrian Boy

While choosing his future dream, Ibrahim chose: To work with the UN.
– “Why did you choose this dream?”
– “They helped us, and I want to help people in the same way!”
Ibrahim, 8 years old smiled confidently as he shared his dream with “Bikom Nartaki” Out-reach Volunteer Team.

Ibrahim lost his father in the crisis in Syria, his mother took her daughter and son and went back to Iraq to live with her parents. Her parents lived in Al-Mousel, the town soon was attacked by extremist groups.

Afraid for her children’s lives, Ibrahim’s mother went back to war-torn Syria with absolutely nothing. She lived in an empty shop until she could find a place to live in with the help of the host community.

Ibrahim’s mother and her family were recently identified as refugees by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), and now she has full access to the variety of services provided by UNHCR, including #protection, cash assistance, health and education services.

Ibrahim expressed his inspiring dream during a recreational activity called: Al –Doudeh (The Worm), where children are asked to write down their future dreams on a circle paper and all the papers are then placed together as one big warm, to represent the fact that all the future dreams of the young generation put together will form the future.

The activity was planned and implemented by a group of talented young Iraqis called “Bikom Nartaki” and funded by UNHCR’s Community Based Initiatives (CBI) program that supported over 20 youth Initiative during December 2015 and will expand for the year 2016.



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