If someone tries to harass me, I need to learn how to defend myself

“If someone tries to harass me, I need to learn how to defend myself. My brother won’t be always around to protect me. I need to be independent.”

Nine-year-old Solaf had only been in Azraq refugee camp in Jordan for a few days when she saw other children her age running around in white robes. Curious, she followed them around to camp to find 50 boys and two girls participating in taekwondo training. She knew instantly she had to join them.

“When I saw the movements the kids were doing, I knew that was something I wanted to learn.”

Her parents support their multitalented daughter and raise her to realize she can achieve anything she wants to in life. And they’ve long known Solaf possesses a confidence not common in girls her age. With tears of pride in his eyes, her father told us of her strength back home in Syria:

“During a demonstration, she spoke to a camera while holding a rocket. She said ‘This is how you treat the children of Syria?’ She was just five years old, but her message was strong.”

Solaf’s curiosity and spirit continue to fuel her, even in exile. She’s also training in football and volleyball. And we can’t wait to see what’s next for her – go Solaf!


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