Remembering the Good Old Days


67-year-old Riyad was in tears as he recalled the old days of his life in the Wadi el Sayeh neighbourhood of Old #Homs.

When asked if he thinks whether the neighbourhood would ever go back to what it used to be, he said “this is a dream!. This is very painful for me to see my old neighbourhood turn into this”.
He had two prosperous businesses before the crisis, which he lost due to the fighting. Today, he and his wife depend on their son, who works as a barber to make a living. “I lost everything” said Riyad “I had to borrow from my son in law in order to repair my home.” The fighting in Homs ended in April 2014, and since then a small number of residents like Riyad have returned to the area.

The destroyed neighbourhoods of the Old City of Homs, Syria have been witness to some of the worst fighting of the Syrian conflict, and the Old City district now lies in ruins. The area is largely uninhabitable, but a few people are attempting to return and rebuild.

UNHCR is providing #humanitarian aid to the majority of people in Homs with core relief items, shelter, #protection services, health, education and psycho-social support. One of the biggest challenges facing the returnees is the rebuilding of their homes in old Homs, which is also another project supported by UNHCR.


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