UNHCR helpi g Syrian IDPs


“In the past, I was thinking of developing my qualifications and professional skills, now the most thing always weighing on mind for me is how to secure a living for my family”, said Bahaa, in his thirties, electric intermediate institute graduate and a father of two children.

Bahaa’ did not consider that the situation would go rapidly and their lives became threatens, “I was deeply sad and shocked, both in terms of what’s happening to my beloved country Syria and to my life personally. Overnight everything has changed”.

He worked for a Turkish Company and had a mobile maintenance workshop in Yarmouk camp. He lost his belongings in Yarmouk and the Turkish company suspended its work in Syria from the beginning of the crisis.

After being involved in the Mobile maintenance training course he found a news job opportunity with a mobile company. Nevertheless, he wishes to develop his skills and to have more opportunities in an advanced training.

Bahaa’ was one of 54 distinctive beneficiaries for 2015 who received certificates and livelihood kits on 29 February, after being involved in a range of vocational training courses supported by UNHCR through the Vocational Training Centre of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s Humanitarian Support Project.

Photo: © UNHCR \ V. Toumeh


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