There are no “moderate” “rebels”. Children paying the price of western and gulf propaganda and terrorism.

Islamists take their revenge on Aleppo’s civilians, 10s of women, children massacred

After suffering a massive defeat along the Castillo road that is the lifeline of the insurgents in eastern Aleppo, Islamists decided to avenge their loss by firing hundreds of mortar shells, hell cannon projectiles, and domestically-built rockets on the buzzing streets of western Aleppo where over a million and a few hundred thousands civilians live. This has been a rebel tactic since war was brought to Aleppo in the summer of 2012, and some may remember how 100s of casualties were inflicted by the US-backed moderates in February of this year. As a result of this indiscriminate shelling tens of children and women have perished as they celebrate the jolly spirit of Eid. Children who were ecstatic about buying toys and new clothes and visiting friends and family, as a result, paid the ultimate price. 40 civilians have been killed so far with 223 injured, many of whom in a precarious condition. 


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