The Battle for Aleppo

By Christopher Lucas 

Aleppo, Syria is truly the epicenter of this Syrian crisis. In the event the gravity of Aleppo battles remain unclear consider this statement by terrorists in Idlib: we want to go help our brothers in Aleppo but we can’t send more as it would leave the roads here unguarded.

Terrorist campaign in Aleppo has called upon all remaining resources terrorists have and thus far the campaign is proving to be a miserable failure, all 3 phases. While it remains a challenge to quantify terrorist’s losses since onset, best estimates are: 

1200+ terrorists, 25+ tanks, 20+ MLRs, 40+ machine gun loaded trucks and 10+ drones (estimates via informational analysis).

The weight Aleppo battles hold upon the Syrian crisis are not light and it is NOT unreasonable to conclude once the Aleppo terror campaigns falter its the beginning of the end for terrorists in Aleppo, Idlib, Hama, Homs, and Lataika.

According to available information, Turkish intelligence in Aleppo have received orders to return home.


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