The Truth about Syria

​Eva Bartlett wrote …. 

I was in Aleppo a few weeks ago and spoke to *actual* doctors there, whose existence (over 2000 remain in Aleppo city) neither Amnesty nor corporate media have deigned to acknowledge. What Amnesty fails to report, as with corporate media, is that terrorists in the 250,000-300,000 populated area have for the past few years been bombarding civilian areas in the 1.5 million populated area of greater Aleppo city. Terrorists heightened their bombardment in April. Some statistics from the Aleppo Medical Association.

-April 23: 81 martyrs, 30 wounded

-April 28 & 29: bloodiest days 31 martyrs, 75 wounded **initial numbers only

-From April 23- end of month: 120 martyrs, over 800 wounded

-May 3: 25 martyrs (including 3 women), 100 wounded (including 16 women)—Dabbit maternity hospital. 5 of 10 incubators destroyed. (One week later, a terrorist-fired mortar hit and destroyed the roof of Dabbit hospital, injuring the construction workers there.)

Importantly, on May 6 the Aleppo Medical Association held a solidarity protest in front of the destroyed Dabbit maternity hospital, in solidarity with the hospital and calling for protection of all hospitals in Aleppo from terrorists rockets and bombs.

According to the head of the Medical Association, the solidarity protest also was a show of proof that Aleppo does have doctors (in contrast to media lies)–more than 150 doctors attended the protest.

In fact, speaking today to Dr. Zahar Buttal, head of the medical association, I was updated that:

*4160 doctors are currently registered with the association and active in Aleppo

*this includes 200 doctors who are newly-registered from the beginning of this year.

Attached photos provided by the Director of the Dabbit maternity hospital, after a terrorist rocket landed on a car outside, exploding the car and destroying the interior of the hospital.


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