​How the West Is Lied To About Syria

The Original Video

By Janice KortKamp

Rev. David B. Smith, aka, Fighting Father Dave…because he is a boxer…just met with his good friend, Syria’s Grand Mufti who is the leading cleric of his country about the situation in Aleppo.

Western governments and media would have you believe that the Syrian government and Russians are mass murdering civilians and/or starving them to death, using chemical weapons, and bombing hospitals left and right. Now they claim the Mufti has made a religious edict called a fatwa calling for the killing of every person in Aleppo!! 

The TRUTH is that he was on Syrian TV telling the civilians to get out of “rebel” terrorist areas so the army can bomb the terrorist groups there who: have ALL called for an Islamic state; have, on video, routinely called for the genocide of all Alawites; have from the beginning killed and bombed civilian areas including Christian neighborhoods and churches; have stoned women, murdered thousands of people…some for such “crimes” as smoking and sorcery; plundered literally hundreds of factories and hospitals to sell the equipment to Turkey…the same hospitals that Assad is now accused of bombing; who just cut the head off a young boy and posted a bragging video of it; etc.

The TRUTH is that everything western governments and media have said about Syria is a lie. And in fact, what we accuse the government of Syria of doing…is exactly what our pet terrorists are guilty of. Even the UN admitted it is ONLY “rebels” who have used chemical weapons in Syria.

The Syrians and Russians have done everything possible to protect civilians. They have sent in huge shipments of food and humanitarian aid. They have made safe zones for civilians to leave areas that will be targetted by the army. 

Right now, there are 12,000 terrorists from over 100 other countries, amassing to try to break the Syrian army’s seige of “rebel” terrorist held areas. The battle is so brutal. The temperatures in Syria exceed 100 degrees.

The vast majority of Syrians want the “rebels” all bombed to hell and rightfully so…just as anyone…as we all…would want under similar circumstances.

The United States, the UK, France…are all on the side of monsters they call “freedom fighters” in Syria but terrorists when they attack in our countries


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