Syria: Army Captures Vast Region in Eastern Ghouta

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Syrian Army troops and popular forces continued their advances in the key town of al-Reihan and its countryside, capturing more building blocks, factories and lands in Eastern Ghouta on Wednesday, military sources said minutes ago.

“Syrian government forces have inflicted a heavy death toll on the militants and captured Jame’a mosque, city hall, sports stadium, over 30 machinegun-equipped bunkers and defense positions and 15 large strongholds,” the sources said.

“The Syrian army soldiers have opened their way into an industrial zone in al-Reihan region and captured three factories that manufacture electrical devices, oil and electrical cables,” they added.

“Army’ engineering units have thus far defused a large number of bombs, explosive traps and landmines planted by the militants in buildings near the town’s graveyard,” the sources went on to say.     

In relevant developments in the province on Tuesday, Syrian Army troops and popular forces ambushed a group of terrorists in Eastern Ghouta, leaving dozens of militants dead or wounded.

Syrian government forces carried out a successful ambush operation against the gathering of the Takfiri terrorists in the strategic village of Reihan near Douma, inflicting major losses and heavy casualties on them.

Based on local sources fierce clashes are underway inside the village as the pro-government forces are trying to capture Reihan.

“Jeish al-Islam terrorists have called on their comrades to rush to their aid,” the sources added.

“If the Syrian Army seizes back Reihan, they will surround Tal Kurdi and inch closer to surrounding Douma,” they pointed out.



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